New Mediacology feature: quoatable


Because there are so many incredible books that I love containing wisdom worth sharing, I’ll periodically post a quote from a favorite read. If you have any suggestions, please pass them along. This week features a quote from David Orr‘s Earth in Mind: On Education, Environment and the Human Prospect.

This quote is from the chapter, “The Coming Biophilia Revolution”:

For our politics to work as they now do, a large number of people must not like any nature that cannot be repackaged and sold back to them. They must be ecologically illiterate and ecologically incompetent, and they must believe that this is not only inevitable but desirable. Furthermore, they must be ignorant of the basis of their dependency. They must come to see their bondage as freedom and their discontents as commercially solvable problems. The drift toward a biophobic society, as George Orwell and C. S. Lewis foresaw decades ago, requires the replacement of nature and human nature by technology and the replacement of real democracy by a technological tyranny now looming on the horizon. (p. 136)

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