White phosphorus in Gaza?

When I was a kid I attended a summer chemistry class in which the teacher demonstrated the horrifying properties of white phosphorous. As he poured if from a test tube it burned through almost anything it touched and potentially, he warned us, human flesh. As he did this he mentioning in passing it was used by the US military in Vietnam. I couldn’t fathom the thought that someone somewhere made this horrifying liquid that would burn to death anybody it touched. What kind of sadists get away with using such things against humans? It’s no wonder then, that the UN banned its use in densely populated areas.

Now, please look at these photos, and then watch this video. And if you have a strong stomach, view this, but please proceed with caution. Now if you agree with me that neither Israel or the United States should be exempt from committing war crimes, then I beg you to please inform people what is happening and to speak out against this.

I encourage you to contact Obam’s transition team and to urge them to ban the use of such weapons and to cease funding any government that does.

Also, you can sign petitions here.

If you have any other ideas, please post in the comments.