A recipe for starvation

We have an oil dependent aggricultural system. If people are not able to grow their own food, then we are talking about the death of civilization, and that is no exaggeration (read Soil Not Oil by Vandana Shiva) because peak oil means the breakdown of our monocultural agricultural system. Democrat Rosa Delauro has introduced HR 875 which will severely impact independent food producers:

HR 875 mandates that anyone who produces food of any kind – meat, milk, fruit, vegetables et cetera – and transports that food for sale be subject to warrantless government inspections of their farms and food production records. These random inspections can be conducted at the whim of federal agents without regard to farmers rights or property rights. Further, the law would allow federal agents to confiscate records, product as they see fit as part of the inspection process.

Agents could also implement draconian restrictions regarding how farm animals can be fed, how fields can be managed and the end result of these restrictions could mean the end of organic, biodynamic and sustainable agriculture practices if these practices are deemed “unsafe.” Farmers refusing to comply would be subject to penalties. (From Nourishdkitchen,com)

A similar law was passed in India which made it illegal for independent farmers to process their food, thereby allowing Monsanto another tool to take over local agriculture (also in Soil Not Oil). Would it surprise you to know that Delauro is married to a Monsanto consultant? Also, did you know that six corporations control 98% of the genetically modfified organism market? Those companies are Avantis, Dow, DuPont, Mitsui, Monsanto and Syngenta (source: Fair Future).

I don’t want to sound alarmist, but this is not about safety but is about control of your food. This is a path towards future starvation. Do what ever you can do, and muster any ounce of energy you have to do something about this. For starters, go to this article for background and links to take action.

Finally, please check out Food Democracy Now! and FoodDeclaration.org