Recent chapters from my literary life

I’m a little behind with the following announcements, but I wanted to let you know about a few recent books that feature chapters I’ve written.


From the folks at Reality Sandwich and Evolver Editions, What Comes After Money?: Essays from Reality Sandwich on Transforming Currency and Community is a great compendium of essays about envisioning a world running under a different monetary paradigm. My chapter, “Poverty (UnConsciousness),” actually started as a blog post here, but evolved into a longer piece about the spiritual dimension of money making and happiness. FYI, you will notice a link in the righthand column for my upcoming book (due July 10), The Media Ecosystem, also published as part of Evolver Editions. If you want to pre-order it now, you can click on this Amazon link.


International Perspectives on Youth Media: Cultures of Production and Education (Peter Lang), compiles a number of leading-edge essays related to media education and youth media. My particular chapter, “Practicing Sustainable Youth Media,” is probably the first essay to link student media making with sustainability issues. Many of the ideas I grapple with are at the core of my PhD research. Publisher link.