David Suzuki on Rio+20, interviewed on Democracy Now!

This is why I donate to Democracy Now! Where else do we get alternative perspectives on debacles like Rio+20? Here environmentalist David Suzuki concisely breaks down why we keep making the same mistakes over and over again by trying to shoehorn the environment into an broken economic model. He makes the simple but obvious point that we need to remember that we are animals and that we depend on clean air, water and food to survive. If we shrink the earth down to the size of a basketball, the layer of atmosphere that sustains life would be thinner than plastic wrap.

If we are such intelligent creatures, how is it possible that we can’t focus on these basic facts? Media that do not address this paradigm are essentially immoral and insane. And for those of us who are media educators, we need to do a better job of highlighting and advancing this ecological perspective.

  • Yes! I loved what he said. It is so simply true.