Media monopoly pushing voter suppression

Last week, an anonymous group started plastering Black and Latino neighborhoods in Ohio and Wisconsin with billboards implying that people can be prosecuted for trying to vote. Despite widespread protests, Clear Channel has refused to take the billboards down, claiming that they aren’t responsible for the content.

via Clear Channel: stop voter suppression | SumOfUs.

I’ve always known that Clear Channel is a scummy company–after 9/11 and Bush was prepping war plans, they instructed their stations to censor anti-war artists. Clear Channel is one of the biggest outdoor advertisers in the US and is the largest owner of radio stations. But here’s a new twist: did you know that it is owned by Bain Capital, Romney’s “former” investment company? I won’t go as far to call this a conspiracy, but it comes pretty darn close. Once again monopoly media is closely aligned with anti-democratic interests.

For more about efforts to halt this voter suppression campaign, visit Color of Change.