Learning cultural citizenship from the developing world

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Offering lessons that can be applied to ecomedia activism, Ethen Zuckerman outlines new developments in civic action that are radically transforming the so-called networked public sphere. Much can be learned, he suggests, from activists working outside of traditional power centers.

“If we want to prepare people to be effective citizens, we need to think about teaching this new civics as well as older forms of civic participation. Citizens need to do more than watch or read about the issues and then vote. They need to know how to report, to advocate, to coordinate, to propose and test solutions. In the open government movement, we often focus on bringing the best practices from the US and the UK to the developing world. In the world of new civics, it’s possible that the lessons we need to learn come primarily from the developing world and from closed societies, where people have been forced to learn these tactics and techniques.”

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