Evolving the blog

Gramsci street poster-RomeBefore the days of social media blogging was my main source of inspiration and expression on the Internet. Twitter and Facebook took some wind out of the blogging sails by making it easier to share and post, but this also depleted my blog of ideas and energy. I’m trying to remedy this by consolidating how I share and poke around the web, hence you will notice a lot of new posts with Scoop.it links. Scoop.it is part of a new generation of sharing tools that allow users to “curate” topics. I find it a terrific way to track and follow experts of a variety of topics. One can follow curators to develop a “personal learning network” (PLN).  Scoop.it will allow me to curate and share across many platforms, but I also will occasionally write unique posts (as time permits) for the blog. I hope you like the changes. Please let me know what you think. Thanks for reading!