Shop ’til we drop: Monbiot on pathological consumption

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“So effectively have governments, the media and advertisers associated consumption with prosperity and happiness that to say these things is to expose yourself to opprobrium and ridicule. Witness last week’s Moral Maze programme, in which most of the panel lined up to decry the idea of consuming less, and to associate it, somehow, with authoritarianism. When the world goes mad, those who resist are denounced as lunatics.”

Antonio Lopez‘s insight:

This isn’t a new argument, but George Monbiot illustrates more clearly how xmas season is so detrimental to the environment. As stated in my book, consumption is a symptom of misdirected energies. Our biological, psychological and spiritual needs are exploited and exacerbated by marketers. Ironically, over-consumption actually undermines the very things that are promised to us by utopian advertising.

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