Donors ditching NPR because of fracking promotions

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On-air fracking promotions have left some listeners questioning their contributions.

Antonio Lopez‘s insight:

This is an important discussion about the funding model of public media. NPR claims that it has to accept corporate funding because it is cash-strapped (the network receives a fraction of government money compared to BBC). As such, during its news programming it has a little plug from the American Natural Gas Alliance that says the industry is committed to "environment and jobs." This little phrase may seem innocuous but it’s part of a larger strategy by ANGA to legitimize fracking as environmentally safe when the opposite is true (see the film Gasland for a good overview of the topic). Unfortunately, NPR seems to have more allegiance to the fracking industry than its listeners. Several former donors have pledged to withhold their annual contribution until ANGA is removed as a sponsor. The article has a link to the petition.

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