Greening media studies: An interview with Richard Maxwell and Toby Miller

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 Technophilia is not interested in how to provide ‘just enough’ media, or low-wattage entertainment, or higher-cost green tech, and so on. Up to now when the humanistic side of media studies has turned its attention to the environment it has responded to the crisis by conducting textual analyses of how ecological questions are represented in films or television, while the science side has focused on environmental communication or how effectively information is expressed to the public. There has been almost no consideration of these issues in a reflexive way that takes account of environmental destruction as a constitutive component of the media which lays waste (pardon the pun) to the beloved objects of study we all supposedly cherish.

Antonio Lopez‘s insight:

I use Greening the Media as a textbook. For those who have not looked closely at the material impact of media technologies on the environment, I highly recommend it. This book will challenge what you think you know about media.

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