Fake news just got fakier: New Fox News’ flight deck on the aircraft carrier USS Disinformation

[video link]

Air traffic controller of the propagandasphere… flight deck of the USS Disinformation…

With “information specialists” commanding BATS–big area touchscreens–the new Fox News Deck invites the hilarity that comes with the mistaken belief that fancy media technology legitimates misinformation. But Boing Boing’s headline said it best, “Fox News hires tiny little humans to work on gigantic iPads,” which conjures images of Oompa-Loompas slaving away in Rupert Murdock’s wanker factory. The weirdest part of the video is when Vice President of the News says they’re doing this because “people aren’t so linear” anymore. Could have been Tim Leary himself saying that.

  • theSamLowry

    I like how small the people look behind the screens. Not sure they can all reach the top of them.