Media Mindfulness: Bill Moyers interviews Sherry Turkle about her book Being Alone Together

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Psychologist Sherry Turkle talks to Bill about why we expect too much from technology and not enough from each other.

Antonio Lopez‘s insight:

I often distrust anti-social media polemics, but Sherry Turkle is an exception. As a clinical psychologist she performs empirical research that deals with the psychological consequences of our device usage. She discusses the three promises of technology that are driving our addiction: we can always be heard, we can be where we want to be, and that we are never alone. On the last point she fears the loss of the capacity for solitude  Indeed, it seems that it is harder for people to just be. The solution calls for moderation, but it seems like when it comes to our gadgets, moderation is impossible. We are vulnerable to its seduction.

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