Media Mindfulness: ‘Darkest Austria’ goes where ‘no black man has set foot before’

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“Anthropologist Kayonga Kagame of Kinshasa University” (Actor Frank Oladeinde) Purporting to be an episode of “Other Countries, Other Customs: Kayonga Kagame Shows Us The World,” a production of the fictitious All African Television network,…

Antonio Lopez‘s insight:

A reversal of roles reveals some disturbing truths about European prejudice and taken-for-granted frames used in the media.

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  • Todd Edelman, Slow Factory

    This is really thorough, well-done and very funny… but clearly even more so when it was originally released. Fortunately this kind of analysis has finally permeated the fringes of the mainstream, perhaps even Saturday Night Live in the USA? I dunno.

  • eltiki

    Thanks Todd. Agreed. Pretty darn funny and spot on.