Life imitates ad: Meet the Trees Foundation responds to Toys R Us

A Toys R Us ad that ridicules environmental education made fun of a fictional environmental organization called Meet the Trees. In response to the ad’s anti-environment message, some enterprising folks poke a little fun at Toys R Us by creating a web site for the Meet the Trees Foundation, the fictional organization featured in the ad. While I applaud the activists’ efforts–in particular its action page that helps people give Toys R Us a piece of their mind–the web site could use some help. I think the design and images reinforce a little of what the Toys  R Us ad was mocking. Regardless, I’m glad someone took the initiative to have a little fun at the expense of Toys R Us.

  • Sonny Cohen

    Hey, thanks for the shout out on the website. Oh god, of course we could use some help! The website is a GoDaddy template (talk about irony) that I set up for $12.19 for the YEAR – domain registration included. Besides having a day job and a life, I am no designer. I guess that’s already evident. What you didn’t mention is the incredibly cute and sensitive logo, designed by an anonymous supporter which IS a bright spot of design. Plus the site provides a center for the incredible amount of noise being made about Toys R Us incredible bus crash of a marketing campaign.

    Anyway, let’s focus on the message and pay a little less attention to my obvious lack of design skills. Thanks very much for noting. The campaign continues. Now on Twitter @meetthetrees.

    And, hey, if you’ve got some ideas, go to the contact form and send me a note.

    – Sonny

  • eltiki

    Thanks for your comments. I’m going to pass along your request to my students. Maybe they can help you. Thanks for your dedication and hard work!