Media Mindfulness: International Principles on the Application of Human Rights to Communications Surveillance

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As technologies that facilitate State surveillance of communications advance, States are failing to ensure that laws and regulations related to communications surveillance adhere to international human rights and adequately protect the rights to privacy and freedom of expression. This document attempts to explain how international human rights law applies in the current digital environment, particularly in light of the increase in and changes to communications surveillance technologies and techniques. These principles can provide civil society groups, industry, States and others with a framework to evaluate whether current or proposed surveillance laws and practices are consistent with human rights.


These principles are the outcome of a global consultation with civil society groups, industry and international experts in communications surveillance law, policy and technology.

Antonio Lopez‘s insight:

This manifesto is an important step towards reclaiming the human dimension of the net. Please read the whole thing and share with others.

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Giving thanks for the land and those who work it ethically


In honor of the land and those who are trying to preserve/save it from agribusiness, I’d like to give thanks to all those who treat soil, water, air and animals ethically. Along these lines, I’m posting a trailer for this nice little documentary, Land Awakening, about farmers in the Mediterranean who grow food sustainably.

From the film’s web site:

“Land Awakening” is my personal journey to experience hands-on organic sustainable agriculture, turning into the discovering of alternative technologies and approaches to producing and gathering food. The experience resolves to a spiritual reflection into our deep and sacred relationship with the Land.

Inspired by his son’s voyage to learn about organic farming in Spain, Mexican-Canadian filmmaker Raúl Álvarez embarks on his own quest finding how chemical agriculture creates deserts, and Wild Nature provides far more nutritious foods when we stop controlling it.

Raúl’s odyssey expands around the Mediterranean and Canada, warmly portraying compelling characters living sustainably. He meets experts breaking paradigms and taboos on agriculture, wild plants and marketing food, making his journey deeply inspiring.

Imbued with a beautiful scenery “Land Awakening” proposes a spiritual, timely and concrete message of change in our relationship to the Land where our food comes from.

Media Mindfulness: Right-brained? Left-brained? Take the test!

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Antonio Lopez‘s insight:

I’m a big fan of developing mindfulness for how our brains work. This simple test helps us determine which hemisphere dominates our thought patterns. Media are closely linked to the hemispheres. Print is largely left-brained and TV is predominately right-brained. I came out 50/50.

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The High Price of Materialism

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More at Video by the Center for a New American Dream Psychologist Tim Kasser discusses how America’s culture of consumerism undermine…

Antonio Lopez‘s insight:

Nice, simple video explaining the relationship between media and materialism. It also offers some suggestions for changing our consumptive patterns.

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Life imitates ad: Meet the Trees Foundation responds to Toys R Us

A Toys R Us ad that ridicules environmental education made fun of a fictional environmental organization called Meet the Trees. In response to the ad’s anti-environment message, some enterprising folks poke a little fun at Toys R Us by creating a web site for the Meet the Trees Foundation, the fictional organization featured in the ad. While I applaud the activists’ efforts–in particular its action page that helps people give Toys R Us a piece of their mind–the web site could use some help. I think the design and images reinforce a little of what the Toys  R Us ad was mocking. Regardless, I’m glad someone took the initiative to have a little fun at the expense of Toys R Us.